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Malcolm’s Junior Coaching Sessions for 2015


April 2nd 11-30 Junior team coaching
April 7th 11-30 New members coaching session
April 8th 10-30 Open to all
April 13th 11-30 New members coaching session
April 14th 10-30 Open to all

July 7th 10-30 Open to all
July 13th 11-30 Junior girls coaching
July 14th 10-30 Open to all
July 21st 11-30 On course coaching open to h/cap under 20
July 27th 10-30 Junior girls coaching.
July 28th 11-30 Open to all
August 4th 11-30 Open to all.
August 10th 10-30 Open to all.
August 11th 11-30 On course coaching. Open to h/cap over 20

October 12th 11-30 Open to all
October 13th 10-30 Open to all

All sessions will last approximately 1 ½ hours. Juniors will be encouraged to play a round of golf after the session. To book any of the coaching sessions above, please sign up on the entry sheet in the junior locker room (girls use the ladies locker room) from March, email Malcolm at or ring him on 447 5185.
It is also hoped that we will have one or two sessions with Ritchie Ramsay during the summer.


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