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New Lost & Found Procedure

An updated Lost & Found Procedure has recently been agreed by the staff and House Convener and briefly summarised below:  Your cooperation is most appreciated.

Clothing: All articles of clothing (including shoes) should be handed into the bar/ staff.   This includes clothing found out on the course, in the locker rooms or in the clubhouse lounges.  The article will be tagged by bar staff and housed appropriately.  Clothing handed into other areas, i.e. the pro shop or office should be returned to the bar.  Enquiries for lost clothing will be directed to the bar.  Main contact:  D Henderson

Golf Club/Equipment: All golf equipment (with the exception of clothing) to be handed in to the Pro Shop. The article will be tagged by the pro shop staff  and stored. Clubs etc. handed into other areas of the clubhouse should be returned to the Pro Shop and all enquiries regarding golf equipment directed there.  Main contact:  Malcolm Leighton

Valuables: This includes jewellery, car keys, glasses, etc..   If they are small items they will be housed in the drawers in the bar  and tagged appropriately.  Larger and/or very valuable items will be tagged appropriately and stored in the club’s safe.  Valuable items handed into other areas of the club should be returned to D Henderson /B Giefer if requiring safe storage.

Clothing and golf club equipment will only be stored for 1 month in above areas.  After that they will be disposed of to a charity shop if appropriate.  If not they will be thrown out.


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