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Policy for Temporary Course Closure

In response to recent concern about the course being closed at times when
arguably it is playable, or perhaps partly playable, the Course Supervisor
has confirmed that from now on, closure policy will be to err in favour of
remaining open, rather than erring in favour of closure. Furthermore, if the
course becomes unplayable only in part, the policy will be to leave the
remainder of the course open for play.

In the event of closure, or partial closure, or in the event of the course
remaining open despite extreme conditions prevailing, a brief explanation
will appear on the Club’s website.

Whilst green staff will always carry through whatever steps they can
reasonably undertake, to make the course safe for play, whatever the
conditions may be, this is perhaps a useful opportunity to remind members
that play at all times is at players’ own risk and opening the course for
play does not imply that the course can be played free of risk. In
particular, green staff will not be expected to clear all pathways of snow
and ice when severe winter conditions prevail; therefore, players must be
aware of additional hazards and greater risks if they choose to play when
the course, or parts of the course, are frozen. In such circumstances, some
paths may be closed and alternative routes suggested.

There may also be times when the course is open or partially open for
members to play, but may be closed to visitors. Reasons for that include
visitors not knowing their way around the course and being at greater risk
in extreme conditions, and not wishing to provide visitors with a poor
experience of the course.”.

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