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Repairing Pitch Marks

Repairing Pitch Marks on Greens

To ensure that the greens at Mortonhall are at as high a standard as possible, it is important that pitch marks on the greens are routinely repaired. In an attempt to ensure that this is the case, the following procedure is requested of members.

Each Club Member is being given a designated green, based on the initial letter of their surname, and they are asked to ensure that as many pitch marks as possible on their designated green are repaired. (Hopefully this will not preclude them from repairing other pitch marks they encounter in the course of their round).


The scheme will work as follows:


Hole 1                                                   A

Hole 2                                                   B

Hole 3                                                   Ca to Cl

Hole 4                                                   Other C

Hole 5                                                   D

Hole 6                                                   E/F

Hole 7                                                   G

Hole 8                                                   H

Hole 9                                                   I/J

Hole 10                                                 K/L

Hole 11                                                 Mac/Mc

Hole 12                                                 Other M

Hole 13                                                 N/O

Hole 14                                                 P/Q

Hole 15                                                 R

Hole 16                                                 S

Hole 17                                                 T

Hole 18                                                 U/V/W/X/Y/Z


There is nothing new about this scheme; it was employed at Mortonhall a number of years ago and was quite successful.


Thank you for your co-operation.

I M Liddle

Green Convenor

31 March 2015


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