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Hole by Hole Tour

Course Map 18 Hole Course

Plan ahead for your visit to Mortonhall and make the most of your round with our course map. You can also read the helpful tips from our resident professional Malcolm Leighton.

The course measures 6530 yards, par 72 for men and 5636 yards, par 73 for ladies and is a fair, but challenging test of golf. The superb drainage makes play possible for 52 weeks of the year.


Hole 1 – Khyber

Keep your first tee shot of the day out of the woods. You are left with an uphill second shot, but beware of the pin position as there are about three clubs difference from the front to the back of the green.

Hole 2Moorfoots

From the high tee you get a great view of not only the second hole but various other holes on the course. This stroke index one will test the very best golfers. A long tee shot avoiding the loch on the left and the bunkers left and right is a must to set up a second shot threaded between the rocky crags protecting the green. The higher handicapper may think of this as a par five.

Hole 3Buckstone

A middle distance par three to a very heavily bunkered green, generally into the prevailing wind.

Hole 4Poet's Walk

Not many golfers will get close to this par five in two. Avoiding the bunkers sixty yards short of the green with your second shot should leave you with a comfortable approach shot into the green. Some fabulous views of East Lothian can inspire you for the rest of your round.

Hole 5Avenue

A tight dog leg par four. How much of the dog leg will you dare to cut off. Get greedy and you will end up in the trees with no second shot and a double bogey on your card. Get it right and a birdie may be your reward.

Hole 6 – Pines

A short par four , a long iron or fairway wood may be the best option from the tee . Go too far and you may leave a downhill lying approach shot to an elevated green that slopes from back to front.

Hole 7Knowe

A recently extended par three into the prevailing wind. Take enough club from the tee to carry onto the green as there is a small but steep incline onto the green.

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Hole 8Cottage

Your drive needs to be hit between the rocky hillocks left and right. Then you need to decide if you can carry the cross bunkers 70 yards short of the green. Beware the green as it slopes from front to back and can be very quick.

Hole 9Neuk

Although not a long hole this is one of the most difficult on the course. A sharp dogleg to the right means you need to decide how much to cut off. Go too straight and you might run out of fairway, take too much off and the trees may await. Miss the green with your second shot and you will find your ball running down the slopes either left or right.

Hole 10Plantation

A great short par three played from an elevated tee set amongst trees. The green is small and surrounded by bunkers, which may be preferable to the steep banking on the left.

Hole 11 – Gate

This is a tough par four for any standard of golfer . A drive must be placed between a rocky hillock on the right and trees on the left. You are left with a long second shot up the slope to a two tier green. Don’t go long with your second or you will be looking at a very fast shot back down the green.

Hole 12Meadowhead

This is a short par five giving you a real birdie chance , keep your drive up the right and let it feed back down the hill to the centre of the fairway. If you are far enough down you may be able to fly your second onto the green. If not, let your ball run down the slope to the green but beware of the bunkers.

Hole 13Trotter's Wood

A long par four which will take two well struck shots to get to the green. Usually played into the prevailing wind, your tee shot will run from left to right. Followed by a long second to the slightly elevated green.

Hole 14Dyke

This is a tricky par four, get a good drive away and you may find your ball has run well down the fairway leaving a short second shot to an undulating green. Miss the fairway and out of bounds right or the trees to the left may be your downfall.

Hole 15Braid Hills

Avoiding the bunker on the right at 200 yards leaves a second shot that needs to stay left side of the fairway or your third may be from the rough down the slope, to a narrow green.

Hole 16Quarry

A long iron or fairway wood may be the best shot from this tee, as a driver if straight could catch the bunker 60 yards short of the green, leaving a very difficult shot to a green sloping towards the elf loch.

Hole 17Elfin

A scenic par three played over the elf loch to a well bunkered green. Danger awaits short and right of the green. Make sure you have selected the correct club as the wind blows through the khyber pass at the back of the green.

Hole 18Warren

A great finishing hole which doglegs to the right. Flirt with the right side and leave a shorter second shot to the green, however go too far right and you will end up in the gorse. The second needs to be accurate, if you go left or long you are down a slope with a difficult chip back up to the green, go right and the gorse awaits. Anything hit short and you may find your ball hiding in one of the bunkers.

I hope you have enjoyed your mortonhall experience. Now a friendly welcome awaits you in our superb clubhouse with fabulous catering facilities.




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